Smart Strategies for SEO that Will Work in 2013

Smart Strategies for SEO that Will Work in 2013

Search engine optimisation is cost-effective technique for businesses. As an entrepreneur, you need to stay connected with latest Google updates. Google changed its algorithm in 2012; the same actions are expected in 2013. Seo companies implemented new strategies according to the changing Google trends. What could be the reason for introducing latest algorithms like Panda and Penguin? Earlier, link exchange, link popularisation and forum posting are the powerful tactics to enhance website ranking. These techniques will no longer serve your purpose as the competition for high ranking websites increased. This high competition gave a root to black hat tactics like link spamming, duplicate content and keyword stuffing. These new algorithms are meant to punish those websites which encourage poor quality content and web-spam.

Some of the new Seo tactics include

• Developing original, unique and informative content

• Ethical link building

• On-page optimisation

• Keyword optimisation.

Before stepping into the latest techniques of SEO, you should identify major changes in 2012 like

• 2012 is the year of Pandas and penguins. Guest posting became very popular.

• Introducing Google panda kicked back thousands of websites from SERP.

• Penguin algorithm released in April 2012, altered Seo tactics and strategies which forced websites to follow those latest techniques. Organisations that involved unfriendly penguin techniques have been eliminated from Google search results without any warning signs.

• Google became very smart and gave much importance to content value. A content that offers real value is different from the content which is ideally written for Seo.

• Guest blogging emerged as a powerful tactic for building credible links

• Anchor text over-use given much importance and websites based on paid links has been eliminated from Google.

Smart strategies that will work in 2013

• Social shift: Social sharing power boosts websites traffic. Create a brand exposure of your business with strong following which results in Seo success.

• Navigation efficiency: Navigation factor is given high importance by Google. It will no longer accept the sites with poor navigation links. One of the effective techniques to increase site popularity is to build a straight forward page hierarchy.

• Less transparency: Data sharing and online privacy will be given high prominence in 2013. Tracking user’s details and offering personalised web content will be an overwhelming task. Research says that 10% of Google search queries have been disappeared after the change in Google private policy.

• Rise of author rank: Search engine will now measure the quality of content based on popularity and authority of author. For instance author rank will be based on social influence, tweets, shares, likes. Comments on Yelp will be given much importance. Experience of the author in writing content will be considered as major factor in website ranking.

• Content is king: Content is the make or break factor in Seo. High quality content is the thumb rule in Seo. Focus on a long lasting content which has demand in future days.

• Mobile matters: Mobile users grown rapidly. 25% of Google searches are made from mobile devices. Recent survey says US internet user’s accounts to 25% of global population. Give priority to location based search which will enhance your website visibility.

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