How to Enable Task Manager, Registry Editor and Folder options Disabled By Virus

Sometimes we really break up with some dirty virus infections to our system.One of the irritating and much annoying problem is by a common virus called “Brontok” disables the task manager, folder options, registry edit etc. After virus has infected our system, we cant access these options. when we tries it says the thing ie task manager disabled or disabled by Administrator. To enable registry edit, task manager most people tries to re install the operating system that is become another problem.

But you dont have to worry..for every problem there is a solution. Just use
RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool) and you will not have any restrictions anymore.

Download RRT

Download and install the software then select the items that disabled in your system then unlock. ( This tool is more useful in safe mode)


Just download this registry script and Double click it to add to registry.

Download script